White spots on teeth, Hampton Wick

White spots on teeth can look unsightly and lead to a lack of self-esteem. There’s now a quick and easy way to treat white spots. We’ve treated hundreds of patients throughout Kingston Upon Thames, Hampton Wick, Surbiton and Norbiton.

What are white spots on teeth and how can they be removed?

White spots on teeth is caused by a loss of mineral content on the enamel of the teeth. There are several reasons why this can occur:

  • If you have consumed too much fluoride as a child, then the adult teeth can be formed with a discolouration to the enamel
  • If you experienced trauma or illness as a child this can lead to white spots forming on the adult teeth
  • Poor dental hygiene can lead to loss of minerals as the acid found in plaque sits on the tooth for too long. Some people find that they get white spots on their teeth after wearing braces for this reason


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How to treat white spots on teeth in Kingston

Previously the only two solutions were to disguise white spots on teeth with teeth whitening solutions or to cover them up with dental veneers.

Now there’s a new treatment called Icon Spot Removal. This is a gentle process which involves no drilling or need for anaesthetic.


  • First the tooth is prepared using a special gel.
  • The Icon resin is then applied to the tooth or teeth. This penetrates deep into the enamel.
  • A special light then covers the tooth which enables the gel to fill the air pockets formed with white spots.
  • You’re left with natural looking teeth with no white spots!

Benefits of using Icon white spot removal

  • This treatment is painless – there’s no need for needles or drilling
  • Treatment time is quick
  • The results are instant – you will leave the dental surgery with no white spots
  • You can smile again with confidence after having this treatment

Cost of Icon white spot removal

Each patient is different and cost will depend on how many teeth are affected with white spots. But please get in touch too find out how much white spot removal on teeth will cost.