General Dentistry

We are dedicated to providing an excellent form of dental care to all our patients throughout Hampton Wick, Surbiton, Norbiton, Kingston Upon Thames and throughout Surrey. Our highly experienced staff are ready to take care of the whole family. We look to the best long-term solutions that will maintain your dental and oral health as well as giving you the ultimate sparkling smiles!

Whether you need a dental check-up or have a more immediate dental concern we can help. We work with you to keep your teeth healthy and prevent any issues from arising.

We can help with restorative treatments such as routine check-ups, tooth fillings, tooth extractions, bridges, crowns, root canal treatment and dental hygiene.

Take a look at our cosmetic dentistry page to find out more about the treatments to make your teeth dazzle!

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Dental check-ups, Hampton Wick

Even if you have no immediate dental concerns, you should see a dentist every 6 months to 12 months for a routine check-up to ensure that your teeth and mouth are healthy. This can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. These check-up appointments can also address any potential issues so that we can deal with them quickly and more easily.

What happens at your routine check-up?

The dentist will make sure that you’re comfortable and then examine your teeth and gums. You will be asked if you have had any problems or issues with your teeth and mouth. X-rays will be taken if there’s anything that seems unusual or gives us cause for concern. You may be referred to a hygienist who can give your teeth a more thorough clean to help remove stains from coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes.

Keep your teeth, gums and general health in check by having a routine regular check-up. Book in to see your dentist today.